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Legal Fees

The billing philosophy of the firm is simple and straight forward. Our goal is to maximize the quality of service without exaggerating the cost. Many of our clients have commented that the firm provides downstate quality at a northern Michigan price.

Regardless of the billing arrangement that fits you the best, our firm is committed to fair billing practices. All representation is done under a legal services contract that sets forth in detail the billing arrangement our firm will have with you.
Hourly Rate
Currently our hourly rate is $300.
Retainer Fees
Depending on the nature of the services provided, we may or may not require that a retainer be paid. If a retainer is required, it will be deposited into our trust account and utilized only as services are rendered.
Flat or Fixed Fees
For many circumstances a flat or fixed fee, quoted at the inception of our hire, is appropriate. Estate planning, transactions, and business organizational start-ups lend themselves to a flat or fixed fee arrangement.
Contingent Fees
Under more limited situations a contingent fee may be utilized.
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